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KYVOTY Nomination

Important Facts about your Veteran Nomination

  • All nominee's will be asked to verify these items (1-4) from the RULES prior to the Veterans of the Year board convening.​ To review the rules you can click the button below.

  • Criteria 7 should be the nominator's main focus: The Veterans of the Year board will be looking for veterans who are "Still Serving" and impacting lives throughout their communities.  

  • Remember information items are required entries.  Nominations submitted without complete contact information of both the person nominating and the veteran being nominated will not be reviewed.  Submitted nomination packages become the property of the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana (Beth Stivers, Executive Director).  For additional information contact Donald Bow, the Veterans Service Coordinator: (502) 907-1536 or

  • Nomination information is privileged and will not be disclosed.

  • Upon submission you will receive a confirmation of your nomination on your computer screen.

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KYVOTY Nomination Form

Please answer the following to the best of your ability and truthfully. Thank you for considering submitting.

*ALL fields are required on the form.  If you need a printable form that you can mail in please click here.

Your Contact Information

Nominee Information

Thank you for submitting!

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