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The Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana prides itself on advocating for the 1 in 26 living with epilepsy in Kentucky and southern Indiana. The following are a couple of the ways that we do that. Check back for additional advocacy activities in the near future.


Governor Beshear is signing the proclamation for November to be Epilepsy Awareness Month in the State of Kentucky. Cortney Johnson, Beth Stivers, Donald Bow, and Sonya Ferguson are with the Governor.

Individual Advocacy

Many times, individuals with epilepsy are not familiar with the rights assured to them under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Sometimes, laws concerning discrimination are confusing. In other instances, individuals with epilepsy are misled to believe that they do no have the same rights as everyone else, or are unsure how to or are afraid to demand their rights.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana has successfully advocated for many individuals with epilepsy. The cases have varied in problem and objective, and have been as simple as a phone call to as complicated as a legal battle. The Foundation has received a wide array of calls for help and support from people who have been wrongly denied SSDI, to students being denied access to college classes or accommodations not met in the school setting, to people who experience improper responses to their seizures.

Feel free to call the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana for help if you feel your rights have been violated because of epilepsy or seizures.

Legislative Advocacy

In addition to advocating for people with epilepsy on an individual level, the Epilepsy Foundation of Kentuckiana is involved in state and federal legislation. Regularly sent email action alerts provide up-to-date information on current and pending legislation which may affect people with epilepsy. These alerts provide contact information for your legislators and key points to discuss with them. Sign up to receive these action alerts by emailing

The Foundation also has an annual Epilepsy Advocacy Day at the Capitol in Frankfort. This advocacy program offers persons and families impacted by epilepsy the platform to raise their voice and educate lawmakers about the impact epilepsy and seizures have on them.  The annual Epilepsy Advocacy Day is held during Kentucky's legislative session.  Check back for announcements on when the 2018 Epilepsy Advocacy Day will be held.   

The Public Policy Institute (PPI) is another program of the Epilepsy Foundation that serves to advocate for people affected by epilepsy on a nationwide level. The institute includes the Teens Speak Up! and Speak Up Speak Out programs. 

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